European shares tumble, heading for third straight weekly sag

On Friday, European shares struggled, losing their grip on a potential weekly revenue, because market particiapnts waited for a new reading on growth firgures from the EU.    

The Stoxx Europe 600 dropped 0.5%, trading at 331.32, with no sector going up. By the way, the index is now on track for its week’s 0.2% sag, which would indicate a third weekly drop.  

Traders will take a look at the second reading of the first-quarter eurozone GDP a bit later. A preliminary reading unveiled growth of approximately 0.6% in the currency section.    

Early on Friday, data disclosed that in the first quarter German GDP expanded at a rate of 0.7%. Obviously, it appeared to be better than the expected quarterly 0.5%. 

The major European currency stayed stuck in the red right after the German news, down 0.4%, trading at $1.1336. 

As for the evergreen buck, this number one currency looks quite happy, because some Fed members shared bullish comments on both US and rates growth on Thursday.   

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