French growth revisions demonstrate slightly wider 2015 deficit

This week financial experts paid closer attention to France’s public debt rations and deficit. On Tuesday, this country’s public deficit as well as public debt ratios for the previous year were revised upwards. It was carried out by the national statistics office INSEE. The office also updated its GDP estimates for the last three years.      

In 2015, France boasted a public deficit of approximately 3.6% of gross domestic product or simply GDP, somewhat higher than the previous estimate of 3.5%, INSEE told in its statement.

Apart from that, the French public debt-to-GDP ratio was revised up to about 96.1% from the previous reading of 95.7 percent, at INSEE states.

Furthermore, INSEE added that French GDP climbed up 1.3% in 2015. Evidently it appeared to be higher than the previously published forecast of 1.2%.

INSEE also reported that 2014 growth got revised to 0.6% from the previous reading of 0.2%.

However, as for 2013 growth, it was revised down from 0.7% to 0.6%.


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