German consumer climate keeps rising

In May, the overall mood of German consumers demonstrated a mixed performance. The consumer climate indicator is actually predicting up to 9.8 points for June, compared with May’s outcome of 9.7 points. While economic expectations as well as the readiness to purchase have both surged, while income expectations have suffered definite losses.    

Customers are still assured that the German economy is going to keep growing moderately for the next few months. It has already resulted in a minor soar in economic expectations this month. As for the already extremely high readiness to purchase, it has also edged up to a greater level. Though the income expectations indicator appears to be the only index to face a loss, it’s still higher the 50-point mark.     

In May, economic expectations have kept going up. However, this month’s surge of 2 points appears to be quite moderate, especially compared to the noticeable leap seen in April. The indicator is now at 8.3 points, thus suggesting it has ascended even further above the negative range.     

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