Apple focuses on electric vehicle charging stations

Apple is currently investigating how to efficiently charge electric vehicles. The high tech giant keeps talking to charging station companies and also hires skilled engineers with decent expertise in this area.  

There’s an ongoing buzz, lasting for more than a year that Apple is on the verge of building its own electric vehicle. Currently, the company is focusing on the groundwork for the overall infrastructure as well as related software closely connected with powering electric cars.

Those moves show that Apple is adequately responding to a number one downside of electric vehicles – the necessity of having their batteries filled up. An obvious shortage of public charging stations, not to mention the hours wasted in charging a vehicle, could be a great chance for Apple, whose relatively simple designs have shaped consumer electronics.

Apple, that has never publicly acknowledged a vehicle project, refused to comment the given news. In fact, neither LinkedIn profiles nor various sources told specifically that the high tech giant was making charging stations for electric vehicles. 

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