French strikers want to tighten grip on energy supplies

The French hardline CGT union did its best to tighten its grip on the country’s energy supplies as well as transport network on Thursday. The union keeps clashing against the French authorities as for scheduled labor reforms. The conflict has already generated a day of nationwide protests.

French nuclear power capacity was reduced by approximately 4 gigawatts, as a part of an ongoing nationwide strike, as RTE, a grid operator states on its website. It’s equivalent to approximately 6% of the country's overall production capacity.

On its website France Inter radio cited a CGT delegate telling that the union boasted an ability to cut off a fuel pipeline right from the port of Le Havre, which supplies Charles de Gaulle airport, situated  outside Paris.

According to the SNCF state railway company, a great number of rail connections appeared to be less heavily affected than during last week’s stoppages.

Power industry experts have told the nuclear plant strike won’t generate blackouts because of legal limits on strike action within the nuclear industry as well as power imports from abroad.

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