Microsoft takes heat for job cuts in Finland

On Thursday, the Finnish government dared to criticize Microsoft for its recent job cuts in this Nordic country. The country’s authorities accuse the tech giant of its inability to keep its promises made just two years ago of turning Finland into a sort of hub, simultaneously keeping research as well as development jobs.       

A bit earlier this week, Microsoft informed it would cut approximately 1,850 jobs jobs, while 1,350 of them exactly in Finland. It’s because the company’s development of new smartphones is coming to its end.  

Furthermore, Microsoft told it would keep developing its Windows 10 platform. The high tech giant also intends to support its Lumia smartphones. However, the company didn’t gave any comments on whether it’s going to develop new Windows smartphones or not.

By the way, Microsoft purchased the troubled phone business from Nokia in 2014, Finland's number one company. Besides this, initially, Microsoft considered creating a data center in Finland. 

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