China states Brexit has driven global uncertainty

The UK’s recent vote to abandon the European Union has drastically powered uncertainty in the global economy, and China really wants to see a prosperous United Kingdom as well as stable EU. That’s what Li Keqiang, China’s Premier told on Monday.

Stock markets around the globe slumped in the wake of Thursday’s referendum, while the pound’s strength has suffered too.  

Undoubtedly, the UK’s vote has clearly demonstrated its enormous impact on the international market and further enhanced uncertainties in the global economy.

Apart from that Li Keqiang added that Europe appears to be a crucial partner for cooperation with his country and China is going to keep dedicating itself to maintaining the positive development of Sino-Europe as well as Sino-British ties. In other words, China would like to see a stable, untied EU and rich Britain.  

Of course, against the backdrop of globalization, that’s unreal for every country to about its development excluding the world economic environment.   

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