Encocam will expand abroad thanks to Brexit

The European Union and Great Britain will most probably spend tons of time, literally years to rewrite the rules, governing their business ties after Brexit. However, Mike Ashmead, the managing director of Encocam, can’t wait any longer.

Encocam specializes in producing crash-test dummies. Mike Ashmead was about to hire up to 120 people between now and 2018 to work at Encocam’s design and production base, situated near Cambridge.      

However, after Monday’s meeting, just four days after Brexit, Ashmead as well as his management team decided to shift their sights to the continent.

The company, currently employing up to 172 people, immediately started to enquire about grants to start a design center in Spain. Furthermore, Encocam is considering Ireland, Poland, Portugal and Germany too.

We can’t wait for two years to see what is going to come out of this. That’s what Ashmead told in his interview at the company’s headquarters, Huntingdon. 

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