China's cabinet discloses steps to bolster investment

China’s cabinet has already disclosed a bunch of detailed measures, such as financing channels for companies as well as establishing new equity funds in order to drive economic growth and investment.   

The government is on the verge of widening financing channels for companies and support asset securitization, simultaneously giving permission to investment projects to raise funds in corporate bond markets, in compliance with guidelines issued by the State Council.

China is going to establish market-based industrial equity investment funds and also encourage active participation of insurance firms, banks, not to mention the national social security fund.    

The given steps are expected to help to drastically deepen investment as well as financial system reforms and let investment play a decisive role in stabilizing economic growth, thus adjusting the economic structure and also improving people's livelihood".

The cabinet is also expected to simplify approval procedures for businesses when it comes to making investment decisions and tackling the problem of elevated borrowing costs for investment projects.

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