Chinese Internet regulator fines websites over reporting

China's Internet regulator has already fined several websites for violating Internet publication rules and also ordered them to rectify the pages running news stories built around on their own reporting.

Strict government rules limiting the publication online of so-called self-edited news as well as information have been mostly ignored, with many websites running reporting operations.

The enforcement of the rules proved to be the latest move by the administration of President Xi Jinping to strengthen the ruling Communist Party's firm grip on the overall flow of news as well as information.

Such websites run by Phoenix New Media Ltd's iFeng, Sina Corp, Netease Inc, Sohu.com Inc,  as well as  others had engaged in a series of actions seriously violating regulations and had a completely mean effect, as state media reported.

Those websites were ordered to thoroughly correct their wrongdoing. Sure, they couldn’t dodge   administrative fines. 

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