Japan considers issuing 50-year bonds

Japan is currently considering a possibility of issuing 50-year bonds. That’s going to be the first issue of such bonds and the longest maturity of Japanese government debt in the postwar epoch. The Japanese authorities are simply eager to take advantage of the ultralow rates resulting from the BOJ’s monetary easing, as sources already familiar with the matter state.    

The given move could contribute to observations that Tokyo’s growth-revival plan is getting quite similar to so-called helicopter money, especially considering if Japan’s major bank purchases the debt later as part of its campaign to stop deflation.

Well, if the Japanese government makes up its mind to go ahead with its 50-year bond plan, then an outline of it could be officially announced as part of an economic-stimulus package the administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is expected to unveil in coming days. Apparently, the 50-year bonds could be released as soon as the current fiscal year, which ends March 2017.

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