VW and suppliers struggle to clarify dispute in marathon talks

Volkswagen as well as two of its car parts suppliers were pushing to tackle a contract dispute early on Tuesday, as spokespeople informed. Unfortunately, there’s no progress to report notwithstanding 17 hours of negotiations as the conflict threatens to cost the carmaker thousands of cars in lost output this week.

Top-level negotiations between VW and the two Prevent DEV group suppliers, which started at 1100 GMT on Monday and kept going through the night, failed to give a positive outcome, as spokespeople unveiled. However, the two sides still keep looking for a solution.

On Monday, the dispute affected approximately 28,000 employees at six of VW's 10 German factories when the carmaker stopped its production of the top-selling Golf as well as Passat models, not to mention assembly of gearboxes, engines and emissions systems, due to the Wolfsburg-based suppliers' refusal to keep delivering products, including gearbox parts and seat covers. 

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