Shares in Asia show mixed performance

On Monday, Tokyo share prices leapt as the Japanese yen weakened in response to comments from Fed Chair Janet Yellen the previous week, thus driving earnings prospects for export-linked companies.

The Nikkei 225 soared 2.27%, while the Shanghai Composite dipped 0.06%. As for the Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong, it descended 0.37%.

In the coming week in Chinese data on the country's manufacturing sector are on the calendar, amid everlasting concerns regarding the health of the world's number two economy. Additionally, in Great Britain market participants will be waiting for reports on activity in the manufacturing as well as construction sectors for further clues on the ongoing impact that Brexit is having on the British economy. By the way, financial markets in Great Britain are unavailable due to a national holiday.

American stocks showed mixed performance after the close on Friday because revenues in the Healthcare, Technology as well as Financials sectors led stocks higher while losses in the Utilities, Telecoms and also Basic Materials sectors brought stocks down. 

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