Washington gridlock and slow economic growth

Americans blame political gridlock in Washington for the US dropping economic competitiveness. They also hold both Republicans and Democrats responsible, as a Harvard Business School study issued on Wednesday states.

Besides this, the study noted that American GDP soared at a rate of approximately 2% since 2000, quite below the 3 to 4% average in the prior half-century. The study covers an array of factors, such as a complicated corporate tax code, aging roads, tangled immigration system. All of this contributes to the slow growth.

The study suggests that factors such as a surging wealth gap, dips in productivity growth, not to mention a soar in the number of working-age folks neither employed nor seeking jobs demonstrate that the American economy is getting less competitive.

The vast majority of the school's alumni polled told that they were assured that the American political system was hurting the national economy.

By the way, the poll didn’t ask whether respondents preferred Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton or Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. 

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