New Zealand reports record migrants, though key sectors missing out

In August, New Zealand's immigration boom struck a record with approximately 125,000 newcomers landing in the 12 months, yet shortages of skilled labor in hot sectors, including construction and tech is driving criticism of government policies.

The latest data, published on Wednesday by the statistics office, will probably add to the surging calls for the government to do more in order to attract the right kind of employees required to fill jobs in the Pacific nation.

Japan’s center-left opposition party, rather than conservatives, has led that criticism. By the way, in July the major bank had to callfor a review of migration policies.

Foreigners with decent experience in areas on the country's skill shortage list boast a better chance of gaining a work visa as well as residency, which offers great benefits, including the country's free public health services. Only 8% of work visas went to folks on that list, as Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse states.

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