Tatyana graduated from Bashkir State University with the major of Applied Mathematics and IT. She used to work as a system analyst in a large IT company. Entered the financial markets in 2008. Her trading system is based on classical technical analysis, Ichimoku indicator and the elements of fundamental analysis. Tatyana is very dedicated to her family and children. In her free time she enjoys rising a bicycle.

Dec. 11: American session

European  single  currency remains in force in today's trading . Since the beginning of the American session, the pair EUR / USD came out sideways consolidation , breaking the upper limit of the range - 1.3770 . Bulk purchases led to a sharp increase in the figure to 1.3800 , but this was followed immediately selling that returned to daylight level 1.3770 . Unless there is a consolidation above this mark ,  the market may soon turn in the downward direction . The fact is that on a daily and four-hour timeframe occurs (but has not happened yet ) candlestick pattern formation " tweezers " on a very important resistance levels . Today , the U.S. Treasury will report on the budget execution . At this point, the strong fluctuations  could happened. Currency pair GBP / USD suddenly collapsed under the support of 1.6370 and is now trading at 1.6360 . Session low was formed at the level of 1.6335 . This decrease is explained by a pair of correction due to the closure of short-term market participants long positions.

USD / CHF has re- configured to a continuation of the downtrend. Consolidation, which lasted throughout the day , goes into a steep fall. Currency pair managed to update yesterday's lows and is trading at a session low of 0.8850 . USD / JPY has not kept above 102.50 support and fell to 102.30 , forming here at least the last three days. Probably the bulls are not quite ready to new purchases - correction tends to continue .

Very negative statistical data on consumer sentiment , released this morning , had a " disservice " service to the Australian dollar. The AUD / USD dropping , punching recent support 0.9080 . Minimum days formed at 0.9047 . NZD / USD is not far behind her  which is currently trading 90 pips below today's opening levels . Prices in the U.S. session tested the 0.8200 figure . During the session, expected meeting of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. The issues of interest rate and further monetary policy will be solved.

USD / CAD pair corrected to 1.0620 day high after it formed in the session low 1.0585 - this is where there is a fairly good level of support that can stop the corrective fall.

Tatiana Norkina, FBS analyst.

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