Chance of Italy abandoning euro zone hits four-year peak

An investor poll demonstrated the chance of Italy abandoning the euro zone for the next 12 months at 19.3%on Tuesday, the highest outcome since the survey broke out in June 2012.

The survey conducted by Frankfurt-based Sentix comes ahead of the country's upcoming referendum on constitutional change on Sunday. The given poll can potentially unseat the government of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Aside from that it can also drive a nascent banking crisis.

More than 1,000 institutional as well as retail investors were surveyed between 24-26 November. Besides this, the previous month's survey demonstrated that Italy for the first time overtook Greece as the country most probably to break up with the euro zone, with a 9.9% likelihood seen.

The chance of any country escaping from the euro zone stood at about 24.1%, quite below a high of over 70% observed at the height of the euro zone debt crisis of 2012.

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