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Dec. 30: Asian session

USD/JPY edged up to 105.40. Asian stocks strengthened, curbing demand for haven assets. MSCI Asia Pacific Index of shares advanced 0.2%.Yen declined on a mix of improving sentiment on the global economy, rising investor risk appetite and expectations of more Bank of Japan stimulus.

EUR/USD declined to $1.3730 after spiking to $1.3890 on Friday. Euro rose by the end of the year as the European banks tended to repatriate funds ahead of an asset review by the ECB. Mario Draghi said that he saw no urgent need to cut the euro zone’s main interest rate further and no signs of deflation. GBP/USD declined to $1.6474 after spiking to $1.6578 yesterday.

Commodity currencies are all trading under pressure, but have reversed the early-session drop. AUD/USD found support at $0.8835, holding a bit above the key $0.8820 support (Dec. 10 low). NZD/USD bounced from the $0.8115 low.

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